Wife started dating another woman

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I am 42, married for 15 years and have two wonderful kids (7 & 3).

Actions or inaction in this case are clues to her mindset on how she deals with adversity. Who does she turn to in order to blow off some steam when she’s upset?

Being unaware of her behavior patterns can leave you being caught off-guard.

Modern technology makes it easier to find things out.

Men have a tendency to overlook the obvious and many times it leads to hurt feelings and painful departures.

All changes in behavior patterns indicate an internal decision.

She starts wearing a different perfume or taking excessive interest in her hair, makeup, her figure and her overall appearance.4.

It’s not always easy to tell when something is going on as some women are more adept at covering things up.

If she is having an affair She won’t tell you, but pay attention to her behavior and you will know when she’s cheating.

She finally said the words that we should not see each other socially anymore, at least until I decide what to do with my situation at home. My wife and I have been in counseling for about six months, and she doesn't know about my affair. I've made these mistakes, but I believe I am truly in love for the very first time in my life.

Neither does the counselor, who recently told her she thought the marriage was over. I do not find her attractive in the least - and we have not had sex for months. How do I keep hope that things will turn out all right? If you are concerned about hurting her with the truth, now hear this: you are already hurting her with your lies!

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